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My personal free video creation software.

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My personal free video creation software.

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:14 pm

My Freeware Video/Audio Tools

The following tools are gui front ends for some great command line software created by others. I basically made these gui's for my own personal use but released them to the public in the hopes that others might find them useful.

_____If you find any of the below software useful please consider donating via paypal! There is a donate link in each program. Even amounts as low as $1.00 would be very appreciated_____

HCbatchGUI started off as just a unofficial batch gui for HCenc by Hank315. HCenc is one of my favorite mpeg encoders and hank315 did a great job producing it. The only problem is that there was no simple way to do batch encodes with it. So I created HCbatchGUI for simple batch capability using the command line functions of hcenc. It soon grew into a suite for HCenc, batchDGpulldown, wavi, ssrc, and Aften. I made it so that you could set up batch video encodes overnight and they would be ready in the morning. Then I thought 'Why not add dgpulldown and AC3 encoding with aften as well?' That way when you wake up all you have to do is author the DVD with your favorite dvd authoring app. Features include avi (avs) to mpeg, pal to ntsc framerate conversion with dgpulldown, and ac3 encoding including an Upmix function from 2 channel to 5.1AC3. Look here for the development page. As I have gotten to enjoy ubuntu linux more than windows I have also created a gtk gui for linux. Look here for the linux gui

batchDGpulldown is a batch gui I made for DGpulldown by Donald Graft. It made it easier to add pulldown to multiple video files. Look here for the development page.

Avi to AC3 is a suite for wavi, ssrc, and Aften. It takes avi and avs input and outputs a dvd ready AC3 file. This takes away all the hard work and extra steps required to create AC3 files from your avi's. Before you had to extract your avi's audio to wav with a program like virtualdub or goldwav. Then you would have to encode to ac3 with another program. This takes it all down to one step and one program suite. You can output to 2 channel stereo AC3, 5.1 AC3, or Upmix 2 channel audio to 5.1 AC3. Avisynth is required for this to work. Look here for the development page.

Okay now the following software is not mine and it is not free but it is so worth the money. AnyDVD is probably one of the best dvd ripping tools available. There is a 20 day fully functional trial so you can see if this software is right for you or not. If you backup your dvd's this is a must have tool for you. The only reliable ripping tool for HD discs.


Fully functional trial available. Ripdvd to your hard drive. Rip dvd9 and compress to dvd5. Rip and convert to mobile format.



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